1967 Chevelle SS Project Page 1

These pages will show step by step the restoration of my 1967 Chevelle Super Sport that I got when I was 16.

It begins !

After 20+ years of sitting in the back yard under a canvas tarp, the time has finally come to remove my Chevelle from death row and begin its new life. With the help of my boy Tyler, after dragging, pushing and pulling, not to mention removing some seized brake shoes, we finally managed to get it in the garage.

Time for a bath !

wash car
wash car
wash car
wash car

Now that all the dust and barnacles are removed the next step is to remove the front and rear windshield. First we carefully pop off the chrome trim:

front window trim
rear window trim

Then carefully using a razor blade mounted to a long steel bar we cut the rubber sealer around the glass until eventually they can be ever so gently pushed out:

front windshield
rear glass

Next step was to remove the seats and door panels and inspect the floor pan which in this case was excellent and still shiny gloss black:

floor pan
floor pan

There were several rats nests (no puns intended!) found throughout the car, major one in headliner over driver area, big one up inside the dash, one under the rear seat where the cotton was removed for all of the bedding material, and one big one in the right rear kick panel as seen here:

rat nest

The headliner had deteriorated so it will need replacing:

headliner before

Headliner removed:

headliner removed

While I was in ‘rat nest eradication mode’ I went ahead and removed the dash:

Dash before:

dash before

Dash during: (Damn what a rats nest !!! )

dash during

Dash after:

dash after

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